March 2, 2011


"Creativity most often begins deep within, an as internal response to some event in the world around...

...some creativity is never meant to be expressed openly at all. Lingering on the edges of our consciousness, it remains within, as an internal occupation for the exploration and pleasure of our own soul. Swathed by veils, hidden beneath the canopy, we work on it alone in dreams of the imagination and journeys through otherworlds. Wild fantasies, sweet tales and complex sagas, magical relationships of the soul, symphonies never to be heard aloud, songs of the heart and of the wind...

...Locked away in moments of solitude, we labour on such secret adventures, their developments measured only by the glint in our eyes, or the satisfaction and serenity with which we live our lives."
(Restall Orr, 2008, pp64-5)

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