April 26, 2010


This is the dark phase of the year's cycle when the mystery of transformation occurs. It is a magical time. The veil between the seen world of Matter and the unseen world of Spirit becomes thin - a crack in the fabric of space-time. It is a time to drift, dream and vision, a time fore inner journeys connecting to the wisdom within yourself.

Let go of the logical mind. Rebirth and transformation are constantly yours.

try somethings new

Plant purple climbing peas.

welcome my friend

Autumn arrived. Today. On the wind. She is always welcome here.

My first year is coming to a close. Time for the quiet of winter.

April 8, 2010


"Doubt is always there. Perhaps if it weren't, we would not be so very wide awake, nor so open in our senses, listening, watching... Through doubt the world emerges in the colours of our lowest energy, rationalized through our intellect as much as is possible, through those protective belief systems, and stamping with their emotion. Yet in allowing it to express itself, we awake to oursleves a little more. We question, we clarify, we make our choices." (ref: Restall Orr)

Around and around we go

doubt surety
surety doubt
doubt surety
surety doubt



"A new cycle is ready to begin in the quiet of the darkness that is settling aound me and I stand in the gap, the intangible moment that is now, in the stillness, yet where it is ever changing." (ref: Restall Orr)

where have I been?


Lantana was first recorded in Australia in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens in 1841, and a few years later it had spread to gardens up the east coast of the country. By the 1860s it was reported as a weed in both Sydney and in Brisbane. Lantana might look like a strikingly attractive plant and in some respects the foliage and flowers are quite beautiful. The species is native to Mexico, the Carribean and Central and South America. But it is now known as a weed of national significance in Australia.

This is how I describe the distractions I have had recently...invasive but pretty! I have been distrated by the pretty flowers and following all sorts of interesting, but useless, wormholes. I suddenly realised that I was caught in an invasive monster. Fortunately, some diligent weeding has resulted in my own rescue.

So... where have you all been?