December 21, 2009

December 19, 2009

summer solstice

This is a dual celebration. On the one hand it is a celebration of all that has become manifest durng the outward cycle of the sun, and on the other hand, it is a celebration of the return to the dark side of the year, the exploration of the inner world, inner wisdom and inner development. (ref: Kindred, 2007)

Also a time of icecream!

Summer Solstice in Australia 2009 - 22 December 4.47am

December 8, 2009


"You are labelling pieces of the world with words, then confusing your word-hoard for the totality of life... the threads of wyrd are dimensions of ourselves we cannot grasp with words. We spin webs of words, yet wyrd slips through like the wind. The secrets of wyrd do not lie in our word-hoards, but are locked in the soul. We can only discern the shadow of reality with our words, whereas our souls are capable of encountering the realities of wyrd directly.

You are strangling your life-force with words. Do not live your life searching around for answers in your word-hoard. You will find only words to rationalise your experience. Allow yourself to open up to wyrd and it will cleanse, renew, change and develope your casket of reason. Your word-hoard should serve your experience, not the reverse.

Words can be potent magic indeed, but they can also enslave us..." (ref: Bates, 2004)


The horse is a source of numinous knowledge and it facilitates the journey between worlds... "the vitki may literally ride its power through the realms of reality." (ref: Thorsson)

Slepneir - in Norse mythology, Odin rode Slepneir (an eight legged horse) from one reality/world to the next. The horse was his vehicle but together they travelled.

Ehwaz is the vehicle of transcendence that increases physical power, the body, which is the vehicle for the soul. Ehwaz is the rune of the horse and together with mannaz (man) they form a partnership that is built on trust and  loyalty.

In a reading, ehwaz indicates movement or change. Of interest it can mean the "...development either spiritually or physically, or an increase in capacity in either the physical or spiritual as a result of cooperation with another." (ref: Paxson)

It is also linked to astral travel.......