April 29, 2011


an eary Greek (pre-Titan) goddess who created the world complete with plants and animals. She ruled over Olympus with her husband Ophion, until Cronos and Rhea removed them. According to the Pelasgian Creation myth, "In the beginning Eurynome, the goddess of all things, rose naked from chaos..." She was worshipped at the convergence of two rivers in Akadia (on the Greek Peloponese) and is often represented as a mermaid (half woman half fish) or as an acquatic deity.

File:Greek Eros vase.png
Eurynome on the far left

represented as an acquatic deity
3 Graces from a 1st C AD frescoe in Pompeii
Other mythology suggests she was the mother of the 3 Charities (or 3 Graces in Roman mythology)