December 31, 2011

2012 the gift of gebo

A rune of exchange - giving, sharing, receiving of power, psychic journeying of two or more people to create a physical or magical result or exchange between gods and humanity.

Considered a rune of the Vanir.... especially the goddess Gefion - the goddess horsewhipped at the royal centre in Denmark.

Also governs more esoteric exchanges, especially exchanges of energy or magical power, whether between individuals or between humans and gods.

December 21, 2011

A new summer...... solstice

When we move into the north and are faced with the unpredictable force of fire, glimpsing or even grasping a greater understanding of our own power, there is suddenly a deep comfort in sensing the path that runs from there back to the south. Reaching out into the the high blue sky, up to the glorious shining sun, we become poignantly aware of the state of our roots and all that is keeping us grounded and stable. If our foundations are shaky, our stretch will be disastrous. Our actions, ungrounded, will have no secure basis and the energy will be burnt up without purpose.

We call this the place of the wild, the untamed, the unpredictable. It is often seen as the height of masculine or male energy, of assertiveness, thrust, push and growth, the linear and overt: the opposite of the dark embrace of the south. It is the place of power... it is the spark of our courage, felled by the oxygen of our thoughts and the old wood of our past experience, all of which make the fire that is our drive.

All too often the north is avoided...but avoidance doesn't teach us. To learn, to grow, we must stop, find out courage...we turn to look at the beliefs we hold about power. We look at the energy, the unpredictability... We acknowledge the thoughts which we've not allowed the energy they need to express themselves, fearing just what me might do if we did. We come to understand what we believe to be strength, courage, power, both within our adult minds and also the depths of our subconscious, where our attitudes are those of the child and the wounded.

(ref: Restall Orr, 1998 p134)

And so I reach out again, with sturdier foundations and a more courageous heart, I reach for the high blue sky and acknowledge and draw upon the masculine energy of the season. I accept the unpredictable and the wild and I am open to learning through asking. I see the power of the creative and I am in touch with the aching need for transformation


"Dance untill you shatter yourself"


 I dance to shed my skin, to peel away the layers that keep me separate. 

I have listened to my body speak to me, read the symbolic language within my cells, soul codes reactivating memories of an ancient past, etheric blue print looping in the same patterns time after time, life after life.


December 9, 2011


December 8, 2011

a pictorial explanation

from somewhere deep inside emerges the renewed.....

new feet on the same path

Magic is not just in the breakthrough. It isn't only the wild screaming of breaking the mind, the crashing out of our box of expectations, not about what happens when we have opened our nemeton and danced through the exquisite beauty of vibrant perception. ..magic is also about what we do next.

With her sense of self sufficiently clear, conscious of her own soul music... With finely tuned tools of resonance, using her voice and instruments, using words and sound, she creates magical change, shifting energies, emotions, beliefs and even memories.
(ref: Restall Orr,  2008:182)

Striding purposefully forward, she encounters all experiences with courage and strength, knowing that as a result of her transformation, she has the tools and intention to walk with all her fears, acknowledge her anxieties and reach for her pleasures and joy.

finely tuned tools

October 1, 2011

smells of the soul

Frankinsence is one of the most evocative aromas that draws us back to times passed and memories forgotten.

too bad there is no smell option....

September 30, 2011


now..... hmmm
then - Babylonian image

Uncompromising, unapologetic, all natural and all powerful.

Lilith represented how effective the Christian church was in stripping women of power, passion and respect. Unwilling to be subservient to Adam, she was cast out and became the poster girl for the evil woman who pursues her own sexuality and her own path....... welcome back Lilith......

September 14, 2011

August 15, 2011

Inanna's Descent


An eye is meant to see things
The soul is here for its own journey


...the light has to descend into darkness in order to reappear in the next cycle...
 (Baring and Cashford)

...bring courage, acceptance and devotion with you..cross the bridge and connect...
(6 August 2011)




Aggressiveness, stealth and power, the ability to stalk, the ability to communicate with other dimensions, cunning and successful. Benefit by imitating the leopard in its movements. Any form of dance, tai chi or rhythmic practice would be beneficial. Because the leopard is a strong and powerful leaper it can show us how to leap over obstacles efficiently and gracefully. They are masters at negotiating their environment and will continually serve to encourage that skill in those who hold this totem.
  • Snow Leopard -- The power of silence, learning to use power wisely and effectively, stalk your dreams

May 28, 2011

ost min kis mik

make way

make way for me, my soul,
my spirit and my shadow
for I am equipped,
I am a transfigured soul

May 16, 2011


...a visual tool which speaks directly to the subconscious and deep wisdom of our inner self. It can bypass conditioned or limited rationale in a way that words...cannot. (Sherwood, 2011)
Newgrange, Co. Meath, Ireland
Dating from 3300-2900BC, Newgrange represents Celtic prehistoric funerary practices, as well as technology. But it is the use of symbols at the site that is most interesting:
spirals and geometric design
The spiral 'warps our perceptions of 'reality'. The spiral seen in two dimensional art has the effect of drawing us in, hence it is a symbol of the journey of the Spirit, leading into the womb/cave/void/centre, which is both the beginning and the end. The spiral has no straight lines, and so is also representative of the cycles of nature, the sense of creating and life moving along a time/space curve, returning again and again to a point that is the same, and yet is not, because each thing is different each time that it completes a cycle." (Sherwood, 2011)
the triple spiral

May 10, 2011

welcome winter

tonight is the first night I have felt the chill on the air. My afternoon routine now includes gathering the wood, the kindling and coaxing my little fire into a roaring blaze. I love the smell of wood smoke. It brings back long distant memories. The soft heat is like being wrapped in a blanket and there is nothing better than falling asleep in front of the fire.......


April 29, 2011


an eary Greek (pre-Titan) goddess who created the world complete with plants and animals. She ruled over Olympus with her husband Ophion, until Cronos and Rhea removed them. According to the Pelasgian Creation myth, "In the beginning Eurynome, the goddess of all things, rose naked from chaos..." She was worshipped at the convergence of two rivers in Akadia (on the Greek Peloponese) and is often represented as a mermaid (half woman half fish) or as an acquatic deity.

File:Greek Eros vase.png
Eurynome on the far left

represented as an acquatic deity
3 Graces from a 1st C AD frescoe in Pompeii
Other mythology suggests she was the mother of the 3 Charities (or 3 Graces in Roman mythology)

March 25, 2011

connection and DNA

to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind

Mitochondrial DNA - stuff that feeds the cells so they can grow into humans! Very important stuff..... stuff found in females and stuff that allows scientists to trace female lineage way back into the recesses of time...

So why do we follow a paternal inheritence??? Fact is, the important stuff needed to fuel life is provided by the female...... in the male, this important stuff is either killed off during fertilisation, or... and I like this bit.... hunted down and destroyed in the embryo.

Tell me again why the paternal line is so important?

So when you are trying to trace your lineage, it is best to trace through your mother line......

"Because mtDNA is transmitted from mother to child (both male and female), it can be a useful tool in genealogical research into a person's maternal line."

dragon alchemy

ouroborous knot - Celtic

transformation:  from one form to another

alchemy: transmutation into gold, attainment of ultimate wisdom

Dragons have long been associated with alchemy and indeed, appear in many cultures on all continents. Typically, the dragon is biting its tail, creating an unbroken circle...this is known as the Ouroborous.

That the dragon has persisted throughout human history suggests that there is some element of truth behind the legend. The myths and stories paint the dragon in positive and negative light, but all stories have some message for the reader....

Eastern medicine believed that dragon bones and teeth could heal a person's spiritual (or psychological, in today's terms) problems. Such remedies found their way into European mythology as we see in the Norse story of Sigurd and the dragon.

...To kill Fafnir the dragon, Regin advises him to dig a pit, wait for Fafnir to walk over it, and then stab the dragon. Odin, posing as an old man, advises Sigurd to dig trenches also to drain the blood, and to bathe in it after killing the dragon; bathing in Fafnir's blood confers invulnerability. Sigurd does so and kills Fafnir; Sigurd then bathes in the dragon's blood, which touches all of his body except for one of his shoulders where a leaf was stuck. Regin then asked Sigurd to give him Fafnir's heart for himself. Sigurd drinks some of Fafnir's blood and gains the ability to understand the language of birds. Birds advise him to kill Regin, since Regin is plotting Sigurd's death. Sigurd beheads Regin, roasts Fafnir's heart and consumes part of it. This gives him the gift of "wisdom" (prophecy)...

So here we see the transformational powers of a dragon.....

March 10, 2011


"Transformation is not just a static process, it is It is personal, profound and life-altering. It is the right of each woman and it is not a solitary event. Transformation is the deep healing, where one goes beyond the revealing of aspects of an issue, of understanding and analysing it, to the 'surrender place', where it changes and thus you change."
(Sherwood, 2011)


"The hardest moments in life are often those of transformation. Journeying from one place into another, leaving familiarity and heading through cloudy lands of change, we stumble and fall on strange ground...Even if we are confidently walking proud and sure, we are likely to be dragging with us some baggage of the past, some now redundant belief or behaviour...complicating life with its defiant and coarse irrelevance."
(Resatll Orr, 2008, P108)