August 15, 2011

Inanna's Descent


An eye is meant to see things
The soul is here for its own journey


...the light has to descend into darkness in order to reappear in the next cycle...
 (Baring and Cashford)

...bring courage, acceptance and devotion with you..cross the bridge and connect...
(6 August 2011)




Aggressiveness, stealth and power, the ability to stalk, the ability to communicate with other dimensions, cunning and successful. Benefit by imitating the leopard in its movements. Any form of dance, tai chi or rhythmic practice would be beneficial. Because the leopard is a strong and powerful leaper it can show us how to leap over obstacles efficiently and gracefully. They are masters at negotiating their environment and will continually serve to encourage that skill in those who hold this totem.
  • Snow Leopard -- The power of silence, learning to use power wisely and effectively, stalk your dreams