May 28, 2011

ost min kis mik

make way

make way for me, my soul,
my spirit and my shadow
for I am equipped,
I am a transfigured soul

May 16, 2011


...a visual tool which speaks directly to the subconscious and deep wisdom of our inner self. It can bypass conditioned or limited rationale in a way that words...cannot. (Sherwood, 2011)
Newgrange, Co. Meath, Ireland
Dating from 3300-2900BC, Newgrange represents Celtic prehistoric funerary practices, as well as technology. But it is the use of symbols at the site that is most interesting:
spirals and geometric design
The spiral 'warps our perceptions of 'reality'. The spiral seen in two dimensional art has the effect of drawing us in, hence it is a symbol of the journey of the Spirit, leading into the womb/cave/void/centre, which is both the beginning and the end. The spiral has no straight lines, and so is also representative of the cycles of nature, the sense of creating and life moving along a time/space curve, returning again and again to a point that is the same, and yet is not, because each thing is different each time that it completes a cycle." (Sherwood, 2011)
the triple spiral

May 10, 2011

welcome winter

tonight is the first night I have felt the chill on the air. My afternoon routine now includes gathering the wood, the kindling and coaxing my little fire into a roaring blaze. I love the smell of wood smoke. It brings back long distant memories. The soft heat is like being wrapped in a blanket and there is nothing better than falling asleep in front of the fire.......