January 21, 2011

the waters

Now we see a return to La Nina. With frenetic energy and power, she has crashed through the lives of many thousands of people and restamped her mark on the landscape. The old, clogged waterways have been flushed and with it, many of our long held beliefs and understandings about the water we thought we had controlled. We have been surprised and shocked at her unyeilding power. We have wondered where it has all come from and we have blamed others for not being able to hold back trhe tides.

But who can hold back the waters?

Water is symbolic of emotion. If we have to ask oursleves what is the earth is emotional about, then we really don't understand anything about the planet we stand on. But what if we ask oursleves what we have to be so emotional about?

The waters have come as they should during a wet season. This is the time of unforgiving thunderstorms, unbridled energy and chaotic lives. Emotions come cascading down the mountain demanding to be noticed, screaming to be addressed. Perhpas if we revert to being the child for a moment, we can allow our emotions the freedom to spill out and tumble over the waterfall..... then as the adult, we swim through the pool and look closely at each eddy and current to dtermine what message is there for us.

Happy swimming

Wivenhoe Dam spillway 2011

the child

In our stuggling and surviving to grow, to take action, to do, we have forgotten how simply to be. With awe and wonder, the child interacts wiht the world. With trust and without any negative expectations, it discovers its current reality and emits its pure responses back out into its world, a world so filled with mystery and possibility, a wide and unlimited world. (ref: Rstall Orr 1998:166)

The magical child within us is still free....

January 16, 2011

hello again


The process of undoing twisted or knotted threads can be quite shocking. Long held beliefs, understandings and emotions can suddenly be undone and left disconnected. Sealed boxes of experiences and memories are flung open, the contents pulled out and the worn fingers of time begin to pull them apart. What you are left with are some very weird dreams, spontaneous laughing and a lot more thinking and processing to do. These opened boxes need to stored away into a new place and that is not always easy.